That was fast – OMNI Media just published a play I wrote!

OMNI, a prominent and long-running science and sci-fi magazine, has a new online publishing platform.

They are accepting non-fiction, fiction, and blog-style posts on this platform – it was very easy for me to submit my work. It looks like there is also a possibility to earn money from posts, based on how many views or how much interest they generate.

I will post later about payment and my experiences – but first I need people to go read my one-act play called Empty Coffee Cup

It features a conversation between an artist and his future self regarding the girl he hasn’t yet met. Fellow writers who’ve read through my edits and rewrites have given me very positive feedback – I hope you enjoy it too!

Read Empty Coffee Cup on OMNI Media now!

Far Flung – Chapter Index

Updated 2017-03-27

The following preview chapters have been released for Far Flung by TCC Edwards:

The older serial version is no longer available on this site. You can read it on Jukepop if you want to see an earlier (and rougher) take on this story.

1. Prelude & Outset

2. Communication

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