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Hey, I’m TCCE and I run the websites Write, or Else! and Write, or Else! is where I post updates from the world of writing and talk about my experiences as a writer, while is where I share several pieces of my fiction for free!

I’d very much appreciate small tips to help offset the cost of running these sites. Even the minimum tip of $1 US will make a big difference and show that you support independent authors and website creators.

There are a couple of ways you can help:

  • Consider buying a copy of Nothing Too Familiar or Convergence to support the author of this site. Each of these anthologies feature my work, along with great fiction from other authors.
  • Or you can help support this site by leaving a tip. Contributions can be made in any amount starting at $1 USD. Thank you for the support!

Non-monetary Support:

Don’t want to send money? You can still help. I’m always looking for artwork and design help.

Could you sketch, paint, or render a spaceship or an alien like those that appear in Far Flung?

Could you design a simple logo or a banner to help me promote Far Flung or another of my works?

If I use any of your artwork, I can promise:

  • to add links to your portfolio or website, along with a review of any piece of work you want to feature
  • to add links to your Twitter profile Facebook, or whatever you use to promote yourself
  • to consider you first when I commission paid artwork

Contact me and let me know what you’d be willing to do!