Other Works by TCC Edwards

As I work on the Far Flung Novel, I’d like to re-share some of the other fiction I’ve worked on.

The Door He Chose, part of Convergence by the Busan Writing Group

After a horrible accident, Sean rushes toward one of the two front doors of his parents’ car to open first. The story diverges into two possible timelines – one where he chooses the right side, one where he chooses the left. And yet, somehow, the two divergent paths keep crossing over …


The Faces They Wore, part of Nothing Too Familiar by the Busan Writing Group

Nothing Too Familiar: Vignettes of Korea by [Edwards, TCC, Geer, MA, Viau, SA]

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Daniel, a lonely foreigner in Korea, gives in to peer pressure and hires a prostitute in the red light district of Busan. Once he’s had his night with her, he thinks it’s over … until fate brings them together again, away from her nighttime work. He discovers a common bond – but is it strong enough to hold their strange love together?


Painted Blue Eyes, part of eFiction Vol. 06 No. 04 by FictionMagazines.com


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Part 1

Part 2



While helping his Aunt Beatrice prepare to sell her old family home, Gregory discovers one of his dead mother’s paintings in Beatrice’s attic. The painting is smeared with his mother’s blood, and only Aunt Beatrice knows the true story behind it. Gregory is forced to choose between his love of Aunt Beatrice, his only living family member, and knowing the truth behind his mother’s tragic death.


Fierce, on Every Day Fiction, EveryDayFiction.com


My first ever published piece – honestly, I link to this because I hope it shows how much my writing has grown. For all its flaws, I still love this story as the real beginning of my writing career.

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