Hello, I’m TCC Edwards!

Hi, I’m TCC Edwards, writer of fantasy, sci-fi, and other fiction. I live and teach in Korea, where I’ve been since I left my hometown, Waterloo, Ontario. I’ve been enjoying the life of an expat teacher as I work at a university in Busan. This great Korean city has also provided me chances to meet many great artists at spoken word events, and to chat with others who love to write.

I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve been able, and I’ve taken several courses and classes both in flesh and online. The cheerful support of my writing from friends and family has driven me, at last, to dive straight into the hectic world of writing.


This site is devoted to my current webserial, the sci-fi epic Far Flung. New episodes of Far Flung will go up here and on Jukepop. I also sometimes post these to Inkshares or Wattpad.

tccedwards.com is also where I will post character profiles and other background information about the people, places, and beings of the Far Flung universe.

Information about my other works of fiction will join this site as I write them!

I also maintain Write, or Else! as my personal site for reviewing fiction and discussing the writing craft. Whenever I find web-based fiction that I really enjoy, I write up quick reviews.


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My Fiction:

Find out about Far Flung here!

My ongoing sci-fi serial adventure.

The Door I Chose

Short Story published in the collection Convergence by the Busan Writing Group in April 2016

Painted Blue Eyes

Contemporary short story published in the July 2015 issue of eFiction Magazine.

The Faces They Wore

Short story published in the collection Nothing Too Familiar by the Busan Writing Group in February 2015.


My first ever flash fiction piece, published by Everyday Fiction in January 2014.

Far Flung – Chapter Index

Updated 2017-03-27

The following preview chapters have been released for Far Flung by TCC Edwards:

The older serial version is no longer available on this site. You can read it on Jukepop if you want to see an earlier (and rougher) take on this story.

1. Prelude & Outset

2. Communication

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